Osmani meets with Ambassadors of EU member states C5 group – Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary

08 May 2021

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani had a working meeting with Ambassadors of EU member states of the informal C5 group of Central European countries that includes Georg Woutsas of Austria, Milan Predan of Slovenia, Miroslav Toman of the Czech Republic, Henrik Markuš of Slovakia, and László Dux of Hungary; ambassadors who represent EU member states of the informal C5 group of Central European countries. 

The discussions focused on current EU-related topics, the upcoming EU councils of ministers of foreign and European affairs that will open a strategic discussion on the European future of Western Balkan countries and will serve as preparation for June meetings. Furthermore, the topic of immunization as well as the steps that will facilitate cross-border travel, especially during the summer months were also discussed.

It was jointly agreed that regional forms of closer cooperation, both between EU member states and in the Western Balkan region, offer a good opportunity for deeper coordination, especially by tackling common challenges such as the current pandemic. Central European countries are in the Western Balkan’s immediate neighbourhood and are closely related, especially in terms of economy. Therefore it is necessary to talk about the creation of common measures and mechanisms supported by the EU that will facilitate the dealing with the challenges that we are facing. The latest such example of coordinated cooperation is the EU mechanism of extraordinary procurement of vaccines, supported by Austria, though which countries in the region started receiving the supplied 651.000 doses of vaccines, of which 119.000 for our country.